Virtual Viewing Room

Welcome to Virtual Network Days 2018! We will live stream conference sessions on Friday, October 5. You will join hundreds of your fellow FINs across the country. We want to make this experience as interactive as possible through video and chat.

TIP: Open the video and chat in separate windows, then resize them so you can see both on your screen.

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Click to watch what’s being presented now. Move the slider to watch earlier sessions.


Chat with Your Peers

Login with your social media account so we get your name and avatar. If you join as a Guest, please change your screen name so we can call you something other than “Guest 123”!

When you join, please tell us your FIN name and location.



Show & Share

What does #FCND2018 look like from your end? Use #FCND2018 in your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts to share your favorite sound bites, takeaways, pictures, selfies, and other memorabilia from your ND18 experience to our wall.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I “attend” the the live sessions?

Most sessions will be livestreamed via YouTube, and you can watch them in the YouTube window above. We recommend using a larger screen so you can see the chat and YouTube windows next to each other. Before Network Days starts, please check system requirements for watching YouTube live streams.

Start times are listed on the agenda in Central Time. If you can’t watch the live streams, you can watch them later. Sessions will be recorded and embedded as YouTube videos.

How can I chat with other participants and send questions to presenters?

During live broadcasts, virtual participants can chat with each other and submit questions in the chat room above. Foundation Center staff will monitor the chat room and forward your questions to presenters during Q&A periods. Keep in mind that similar questions may be grouped together.

To join the chat room, we recommend logging in with your social media credentials to show your name and avatar. If you login as a Guest, change the default “Guest 123” to your name, then refresh the chat room window.

Whom do I contact if I am having technical difficulties?

For the quickest response, ask us in the chat room above. You can also email

How do I get handouts and other materials for the sessions?

All handouts, PowerPoint slides (in PDF format), and other materials will be linked from the agenda.

Will Network Days sessions be recorded?

Yes. All of Friday’s sessions will be recorded and posted on the Network site. If you’re looking for a session that happened earlier in the day, play the current livestream. Move the slider to an earlier timepoint to find earlier content.

Who else is attending Network Days? How can I connect with them during Network Days if I’m attending virtually?

To see who’s attending in person or virtually, see our Attendee List on Eventbrite.

Connect with your FIN colleagues in several ways:

  • Use the chat room above.
  • Scan our Show & Share wall above for social media posts from your FIN colleagues. The wall will also be on a large monitor at Network Days for in-person attendees to peruse.
  • Use the LinkedIn or Facebook groups for FINs.
  • Email your colleagues. Find their contact info in the Network Directory.